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1) Come to an Information Meeting


We meet at local libraries and spend about an hour explaining how our program works. We'll have some current Aussie and Yank students on hand, as well as former students and families, so you can get your questions answered.


The Information Meetings are held in February and March. Please see the News & Events page for locations and dates. Meeting us and the Aussies is the best way to get a feel for how great this program is. But if you can't make the meetings, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to talk with you. You can also read this document which we will be handing out at the Information Meetings.

2) Fill out the application


Start by downloading the application. Applications for 2020/2021 are due on March 22, 2020. The application is a pretty lengthy form and you'll need help from your whole family in getting it done. So don't wait until the last minute! As well as just filling in the blanks, you and your parents will each be asked to write an essay covering topics outlined in the application. Please be very honest and frank in your application and essay. The information you include will be used to help pair you and your family with an Australian student. Having honest information helps ensure that you get the best pairing possible. We know that everyone is afraid of putting down information that they feel would limit their chances of getting chosen. Don't sweat it. The application is just a portion of the process that is combined with the home and individual interviews to give us the whole picture.

3) Be Interviewed


Then we'll start the Interview Process. At different times it will involve your whole family. We do this because your Aussie partner won't just be staying with you, they'll become a part of your family. Also, this program is run by the people participating in it. We need to know that your family is as committed to the program as you are.

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