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If you are interested in spending a semester in Australia during either your sophomore or junior year in High School, then Lakewood Sister Cities has a program for you. We offer you the opportunity to participate directly in improving knowledge and understanding around the world.

Started in 1977, Lakewood Sister Cities Program provides foreign travel and enriching experiences for hundreds of Jefferson County Students. This program includes hosting an Australian high school student in your home for one semester, and then you spend the following semester in that same Australian high school student’s home.


Over the years, our student exchange program has developed into one of the most successful programs in the Jefferson County school system.


Come to an information meeting, fill out the application, and go through our selection process including interviews with you and your family.


Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you gain a full understanding of the program, including costs, timing, requirements, etc.

Check our Facebook page to ensure you don't miss out on frequent updates about the program

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